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the study of stories

and science,

a narrative of encoded knowledge,

a belief through imagination.


the art of scientific representation,

opening laboratory doors

in the mind

from unexpected directions.

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Isiah Berlin's fox
Myth Listener

Croeso y byd...


Welcome to a world where myth and magic sit side by side with seas and sentences. A world where lost voices find their stage and stages find their locations.  A world where locations span across time and territories; where memory is just another story...

Experimental Poetry

happens when a poet

colours outside of the lines,

and then the lines colour

inside of a whole 

different world.

“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” 
Isaiah Berlin


the drawing of  life

that understands

beyond words;

a simple abstraction,

led by laughter.

Deep mapping;

the practice of polyphony,

where the land sings 

with all her voices

and every wayfarer

knows the way home.

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Isiah Berlin's hedgehog
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