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The Crow Road: Performing Bridge Making
                                                         - with Iain Biggs

(On the crow road
There is a river of sound
That runs from myth to mountain
A prophecy
Of provision
Guiding battles through the flood)

The Crow Road is a deep map. Produced initially as a performative presentation, it interweaves academic criticism with poetry and art around the relationships between non-human and human beings, reflecting upon the related issues of place, presence and absence.

In so doing, Erin Kavanagh’s poem and images evoke imaginal projections that both converge with and counterpoint Iain Biggs’ long-term research concerns with an animism ‘hidden in plain sight’ in traditions of Scottish vernacular culture. This provides the productive tension that animates their collaboration.

This chapter presents snippets of that resonant constellation, along with some critique of the process and experience, reflecting upon why limitations inherent in current notions of cross, multi, inter and trans-disciplinarity are inadequate to our current psychosocial and environmental situations.

Kavanagh, K.E. and Biggs, I. (2019). 'The Crow Road: Performing Bridge-Making' in Green Letters. Vol. 23, Issue 3. Taylor and Francis. DOI: 10.1080/14688417.2019.1687003

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