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Pending in 2024

- Kavanagh, K.E. 'Deep Mapping- intersecting engagements with a creative mentalité' in Routledge Handbook on Heritage and Creative Practice. Cass, N.; Powell, A.; Wakefield, S.(eds). Routledge: London and New York.

- Kavanagh, K.E. 'ScholARTistry of practice' in Shadow Archaeology: For other modes of archaeological worldmaking. Lucas, G.; Nativ, A. (eds). Routledge: London and New York.


- Mythical Creatures with Rihanna Pratchett. Expert consultant on geomythological creatures of the British Isles and Ireland for BBC Radio4. Additionally, contributed in recording for the Giants episode at Cader Idris.


- Bates, M., Gearey, B., Hill, T., Smith, D., Whittaker, J. and Kavanagh, E. 2022. 'Establishing a lithostratigraphic and palaeoenvironmental framework for the investigation of vibracores from the southern North Sea' in Europe's Lost Frontiers: Volume 1: Context and Methodology. Gaffney, V. and Fitch, S. (eds.) Oxford, UK: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd, pp. 100-111. Available at:

- Kavanagh K.E. 2022. 'Face the Fictions: So Long, and Thanks From All The Fish' in The Journal of Imaginary Research, Volume 7.

- Mysterious Monoliths in The UnXplained with William Shatner. Expert on geomythology. Director: Sean Mantooth. Trailer available at:


- Ancient Aliens. S18. Ep8. The Shadow People. Expert on geomythology. Director: Sean Mantooth. Trailer available at:

- Mystery of the Standing Stones in Ancient Aliens. S18. E2.  Expert on archaeology. Director: Buddy Whitaker. Trailer available at:


- Kavanagh, K.E. 2020. 'Remember to Breathe…' in Queer-feminist issues in pandemic times, Queer STS Forum 5. Available at:

- Medium - voiceover and voice over script writer for a documentary on mediumship as healing practice in Brazil. Produced by Monica Demes. Trailer available at:

- Prehi/istories Podcast on the Book of Taliesin translation by Gwyneth Lewis and Rowan Williams for the Archaeology Podcast Network. Available at:


- The Trail of Murdered Mummies, Season 1, Episode 8, in Mummies Unwrapped . Expert on bog bodies with Ramy Romany. Available at:

- Kavanagh, K. E. and Bates, M.R. 2019.' Semantics of the Sea: Stories and Science along the Celtic Seaboard' in Internet Archaeology 53.

- Kavanagh K.E. and Biggs I. 2019. 'The Crow Road: performing bridge-making' in Green Letters, 23:3, 286-305. DOI: 10.1080/14688417.2019.1687003

- Kavanagh, K.E. 2019. 'Writing Wonders: Poetry as Archaeological Method?' in Researching the Archaeological Past through Imagined Narratives. Witcher, R. & Van Helden, D.P. (eds). Routledge: London and New York.


- Kavanagh, K.E. & Bates, M.R. 2018 ‘And from this bay, a new tale goes’ in EGO.

- Kavanagh, K.E. 2018. 'Re- thinking the Conversation: a Geomythological Deep Map' in Re- mapping archaeology: critical perspectives, alternative mapping. Gillings, M.; Hacıgüzeller P.; Lock G. (eds) Routledge: London & New York.

- Prehi/stories Podcast on the animation ‘Early Man’ in relation to knowledge representation with Dr. James Dilley for the Archaeology Podcast Network. Available at:

- Is There a Welsh Atlantis? The Unexplainers for BBC Radio Wales, Ser.3, Ep.1.


- NPR Radio programme on Cantre'r Gwaelod with Claire Crofton. Available at:

King John’s Jewels. S3, Ep. 13.  Expedition Unknown: Travel Channel. Researcher, and expert on geomythology and geophysics. Available at:

- The Butterfly Poem in Independent Variable: an anthology of science poetry. Waldron-Hall, C. (ed). Iodine Global Network in association with Waterstones. Available at:

- Prehi/stories Podcast on ‘Mezolith’ with John Swogger and Matt Ritchie for the Archaeology Podcast Network. Available at:

- Kavanagh, K.E. 2017. Poem: ‘Today’s Future’ in So Far, So good? Conversations on Today’s Future, ISRF Bulletin XIV, pp.45 & 47. Available at:


- Wickham-Jones, C.; Bates, M.R.; Bates, C.R.; Dawson, S. & Kavanagh, K.E. 2016. 'People & Landscapes at the Heart of Neolithic Orkney in Landscapes' in Archaeological Review from Cambridge, Vol. 31. Ostericher, I. (ed).

- Stevenson, P.; Kavanagh, K.E. & Bates, M.R. ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ in Planet 218. Available at

- Prehi/stories Podcast on Archaeological Poetry with Dr. Gavin McGregor for Archaeology Podcast Network. Available at:

- Poetry Wales Podcast on Archaeological Poetry. Available at

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