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...are poems which respond directly to, include, represent, depict or/and otherwise inform archaeological theory and practice. They can be a method for public communication or private assimilation, they can be a form of outreach, they can be reflexive commentary or fictional discourse. Archaeo-poems are poems of the past, in the present. 

Paper Abstract

'Earth and Communication''   Every UK Geologist knows That history has left its clues In the rocks underfoot – But such enlightenment Is unlikely to be shared For most members of the public Are blissfully unaware Of our geological portals into the past And hence are protected As no one has told them In a way that makes them care.   (A cross out prose poem, taken from from Stewart & Nield, 2013)


Helicidae & Discus Rotundatus sit together in peat; old friends, warm in the once-dark, remembering a cold sea.


Measuring the past, Drawing upon golden ground, Sloping worlds collide

Coleman's Farm

'From an unamed continent A forgotten lake responds with an iron jaw Revealing untold silences In the layering of clay.' (November 2015.)


The sky came down to survey the levelling of a shore from previous storms.

TAG '15

Abstract verses in response to the session 'Tyrannical Tales' at the Theoretical Archaeology Group conference in Bradford, December 2015.


The gift of time is a handful of golden coins; treasure it with care.

IMG_1197 (1)

To work from the heart is more than just a calling; it is commitment.

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