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Philosophy Now, October/November 2020, Issue 140.

Nat Dyer, Brief Lives: Mary Midgley. 

MM Nat.jpg

State on the Couch by Kier Martin, ISRF Bulletin, 2019

State on the Couch.jpg
Durham Book Festival 2020.jpg
US Election.jpg

US Election 2020

Mort and fridge.jpg


Mort and sock.jpg
Mort and dog no frame.jpg

The emic/etic divide is a gulf between experiences. #notahaiku

The AA

Submerged landscapes met at the Royal Society to discuss waves of lost & future worlds, flooding minds with discovered worldings #notatanka


The artist and the archaeologist paint the past with the same brush. #notahaiku

The Inquisition

Diktat v Demotic in the Unseelie Court.


Commission by Dr.James Robinson for David Walford's memorial, March 2016. The brief requested an interpretation of a Punch traveller resembling Arthur Lowe and for David Walford to be a waiter in the style of Jeeves.

Dr. Martin Bates

Portrait commission by Dr. Martin Bates, 2016. The brief requested himself on site, un-puzzling time.


'When writing about wonders, let us do so wonderfully.' #haikuprose

The Geomythological Bridge

'There exists a bridge between science and story - it is Geomyth.' #notahaiku


'Science and story often forget that rivers have more than one bank.' #notahaiku


“Note every footprint, every bent twig, every fallen leaf. Then, standing at the extreme point reached by his predecessors, it will be easy for him to perceive where the foot of a further pioneer may find solid ground.” (August Kekulé, quoted in Benfey, 1958)

IMG_5088 (1)

A site's volunteers come in all shapes and sizes - it's a mammoth task. #notahaiku

Myth Sleuth

“The geomythologist seeks to find the natural phenomena which may be encoded within a story.” (Kavanagh, 2015)

Digging for Words

'Excavating words is the task of a midnight archaeologist.' #notahaiku

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