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The art'chaeology of sound; a materiality of music portrayed through photography.

...are a traditional band, with a difference. Their music is a fusion of Welsh and English social history and folklore with a contemporary twist. 

...who are named after one of the legendary kingdoms from the 'Old North' (Hen Ogledd). They play a closely harmonised reworking of medieval melodies from around the Celtic isles on a range of ancestral instruments, including the crwth, cittern, harp, hurdy-gurdy and pipes. These are complimented by soaring vocals in a range of languages, from centuries past and present. 

Breton session with Emmanuelle Bouthillier, Samuel Allo and Clara Clay (R-L)

Ffynnon are a Welsh language duo, performing heritage music that has been excavated from the archives at St.Fagans and The National Library of Wales.  Together they create a mythical world of love and loss, humour and honour that is as timeless as their harp, accordian and harmonies.


Sian James harp,

Welshpool Poetry (and music) Festival.

Samuel Allo's accordian


Anne Marie Summer's hurdy gurdy


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