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ELF on the (temperature controlled storeroom) Shelf

As part of the 'Europe's Lost Frontiers' project, headed by Professor Vince Gaffney at Bradford, the Doggerland sea cores have come to us in Lampeter to be processed. We recently had a team meeting in the labs, including across Skype, resulting for me in the sketch below (there may have been a few, crucial, logistical decisions made by the others as well!).

I'd also been challenged to produce a cut out poem from one of the core descriptions I had been collating, which turned out to be much harder than expected due to the necessarily repetitious nature of the language involved (the method demands that all punctuation, word order, etc has to be sequentially present in the original text). I'll be continuing with this experiment as the work unfolds - no doubt into yet more diffuse horizons, not unike our current European landscape...


Europe’s Lost Frontiers

Record below ground surface.

Fragments & laminations,

Reworked & fine.

Pale grey, brownish grey, greyish brown, brown & grey sandy silt, silt sand thick with occasional, discontinuous


Undulating cm with patches of broken


--- Dark & discrete --- grey, mid grey, brownish grey, brown ---

Becoming more with depth, dipping steeply.


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