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The Welsh Atlantis, contd...

What happens when two comedians meet with two academics on a Welsh beach? This...

The day before the Brexit results, last year, six people stood on Borth beach and contemplated lost civilisation, political downfall, myths of time. Two were (mostly) dressed in wetsuits, two in archaeo gear, two held on to a camera and boom. They were Zipline Creative, myself and Martin Bates, along with John *Eggsy* Rutledge and Mike Bubbins. We were gathered on the sand to record the opening podcast for Series 3 of The Unexplainers - In Search of The Welsh Atlantis.

The irony of this passed me by at the time. Now, in the afterwash of Article 50, Plato's political allegory is ever more poignant. Perhaps Cantre'r Gwaelod, Plant Rhys Ddwfn and their compatriots serve us less as mythic structurings of the past, and more as portents for the future. As Llywarch Hen might have said:

Usual is the world that shares the same sky, the same stories, the same breath,

For Usual is the wind of change.


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