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The Unexplainers...

Back in pre-Brexit June, The Unexplainer came to Borth. Comedians Mike Bubbins and John 'Eggsy' Rutledge set out to discover the Welsh Atlantis, ably (ish) assisted by Dr Martin Bates and myself. The produciton was handled by Zipline Creation, for BBC Radio Wales, with the show planned to air in Spring 2017. 

Look Back and Auger - the boys survey where they are going to investigate next

Martin explained about the Borth Antlers, the auroch, stratigraphy and the  hoof/human prints impressed into the Bronze Age peat.

The core.

Discussing Cantre'r Gwaelod, Plant Rhys Ddwfn, political power.

One summer's day

two men and a dinghy

set their sails for Utopia

Aired on BBC Radio Wales,  The Unexplainers, April 2017.

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