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January 31, 2017



Diving into the Wreck - After Yeats, Elliot & Rich


Voting, not voting or vote-less, shore to shore,
We cannot see to row for the future
Has no oars; no centre left to uphold
A bridge of placards, to rebuild the world,
Where blood-thin skies march long and ravens call
On changing tides, where borders make waves a wall.
The rights of man and woman, fall to flood
With passions pealing, church bells underground.


April is not the cruellest month, ‘tis May,
With revolution bleeding surely from
A traitor’s hand – hardly are the words declared
Than echoes of Spiritus Mundi are numbered,
Spooling in shadows beneath a forgotten star.
Unreal cities resist, wastelands of belief - but
Stupidity and madness both present
As ignorance, with fear their father and child,
Squinting, blank, at the midday glare. Forgive me,
My passport lies in the discarded dark
With twenty centuries of stony sleep.
The second death came for us last year, rocking
In the cradle of our privileged despair;
Namaste… Awen… Shantih… Inshallah.





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